Pastoral Practice


The Committee for Pastoral Practice is responsible for i) identifying the differences and inconsistencies among the various jurisdictions in their exercise of sacramental and pastoral praxis (e.g., marriage and divorce, reception of converts, etc.); and ii) for establishing a protocol to address these inconsistencies and propose models for resolution consistent with canonical practice.


Bishop Sevastianos (GOA) - Chairman
Archbishop Mark (OCA)

Committee Liaison

Fr. Thomas Zain


Fr. Ian Pac-Urar - Facilitator
Fr. Timothy Baclig - Secretary
Fr. Ion Gherman
Fr. John Jillions
Dr. Stephen Muse

Terms of Reference

What is to be accomplished

  • Identify the sacramental and pastoral practices (e.g., marriage and divorce, reception of converts, etc.) in current usage among all the jurisdictions represented in the Assembly
  • Catalogue the differences and inconsistencies that exist and determine whether such differences are local (parish or diocese only) or the policy of the jurisdiction
  • Establish a matrix of practices that allows for a clear comparison and a protocol to address inconsistencies
  • Propose models for resolution that are consistent with canonical practice

How it is to be accomplished

  • Identify the fields of pastoral practice to be surveyed
  • Request the official procedures for each of these practices from each jurisdiction
  • Survey each jurisdiction/presence in the Assembly as to the variations that may or may not exist in regard to official policy
  • Collect anecdotal information on the variations
  • Determine and evaluate theological and ecclesiological ramifications for the variances
  • Strategize on possible models for resolution 

With whom it is to be accomplished

  • Chancellors and/or Synodal secretaries in each jurisdiction
  • Canonists and experts in canon law (from the seminaries and elsewhere)
  • Demographers who have conducted any surveys that cover any of the issues