Clergy Matters


The Committee for Clergy Matters compiles, studies and compares information from each jurisdiction concerning i) respective procedures governing petitions for ordination; ii) requirements and recognized impediments for ordination; iii) processes whereby clergy are assigned and transferred; iv) policies for clergy stipends and benefits; as well as v) retirement and pension programs.


Bp. John (AOCA) - Chairman

Committee Liaison

Fr. Thomas Zain


Fr. Stefan Dragoi
Fr. Alessandro Margheritino
Fr. Christopher Rocknage
Fr. Paul Zuñiga

Terms of Reference

What is to be accomplished

  • Gather information from each jurisdiction concerning: 1. Requirements and impediments for ordination (canonical and otherwise) 2. Process of selection and petition for ordination 3. Processes by which clergy are assigned and transferred 4. Policies for clergy compensation and benefits, including suggested ranges 5. Policies governing retirement and details of pension programs
  • Compare the information gathered to identify differences in policies and practices.
  • Make recommendations as to the possible integration of procedures and policies with respect to achieving a unified approach for dealing with each of these areas of clergy affairs.

How it is to be accomplished

  • Stage One: Contact chancellors of all jurisdictions/presences and obtain from them information concerning official requirements, practices and procedures for the areas outlined above.
  • Stage Two: Establish an ad hoc group of advisors who will compare, evaluate and consolidate this information and make recommendations on best practices.

With whom it is to be accomplished

  • Chancellors and administrators in all the jurisdictions/presences
  • Canonists and canonical experts for assessment of ordinations requirements
  • Compensation and benefits advisors