Assembly of Bishops Launches mobile app for Android and iPhone

Friday, July 01, 2022

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NEW YORK – The Assembly of Canonical Orthodox Bishops of the United States of America announces the launch of its mobile application.

The newly released “Assembly of Bishops” mobile app will provide all Orthodox Christian clergy and laity a better way to communicate and gather meaningful and actionable information. The surveys conducted and analyzed by the AoB Professional Research Team, will discover the primary needs of our parishes and faithful and how they can be met. In addition, the Hierarchs will be able to better hear from, and communicate with, the faithful.

The Assembly of Bishops mobile app will provide all Orthodox parishes, clergy, and parishioners the reliable data from which we can develop better ministries and programs. This successful model resulted in the development of the Directory of Orthodox Christian Mental Health Professionals as well as the Peace of Mind training program that has benefitted so many people.

In addition to gathering actionable data and enhancing communications, the Assembly of Bishops mobile app will allow the AoB to more easily share critical information, helpful programs, newly schedule events, survey results, and press releases.

For more information, including download and registration instructions, please visit: