Changes and Additions to the Website

Monday, June 27, 2011

The Terms of Reference for each of the Assembly''s thirteen committees are now posted on the website. These documents outline the specific goals of each committee, and the means to achieve those goals; they are meant to be a guiding document for the committee members. Listed along with them are the committee descriptions, committee membership, and its recommended consultants.

In addition, there are a number of other items soon to be posted to the website. These include the addresses of the Chairman and two Vice-Chairmen, delivered at the Assembly of Bishops meeting this past May. Father Josiah Trenham has begun interviewing the bishops of the Assembly, to ask for their reflections on its work and the future of the Church in North America; as these audio interviews become available, they too will be posted on the website. Also, the website will soon provide a sample of the new Atlas of American Orthodox Christian Churches, a pivotal and pioneering work edited by Mr. Alexei Krindatch. Both Father Josiah and Mr. Krindatch are members of the Secretariat of the Assembly.

A gallery of photos from the recent meeting in May has been created and is currently available. In addition to this, the Directory of Bishops is in the process of being made into a photo directory. When finished, each listing will be accompanied by a photo of the individual hierarch.