First Meeting of Assembly Secretariat

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Secretariat of the Assembly of Bishops is scheduled to meet this week, from Wednesday, January 12 to Thursday, January 13. It will be the first meeting of the newly-appointed staff, and will be hosted by Bishop Maxim at his chancery in Alhambra, CA. He will be in attendance as the Coordinator for Committees, along with Bishop Basil (Secretary) and Bishop Andonios (Coordinator for Agencies and Endorsed-Organizations). The primary goal of the meeting is to help the thirteen committees of the Assembly begin their work in earnest.

Also in attendance will be Fr. Mark Arey, the executive secretary to the Chairman, and Fr. Benedict Armitage, the assistant to the Secretary. In addition, the following consultants have been invited: Fr. Josiah Trenham, Fr. Nicholas Ceko, Protodeacon Peter Danilchick, and Mr. Eric Namee. Mr. Alex Machaskee, though unable to attend in person, will participate via conference call.

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