Georgian Parishes Added to the Parish Directory

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Metropolitan Dimitri of the Georgian Patriarchate
(Pictured: The parishes of the Georgian Patriarchate of the U.S.A. are under the oversight of Metropolitan Dimitri of Batumi and Lazeti.)

With the addition of the parish communities of the Patriarchate of Georgia resident in the United States, the Directory of Parishes used by the Assembly of Bishops now includes all of the parishes of the twelve jurisdictions which participate in the Assembly. These twelve jurisdictions are as follows:

Albanian Archdiocese
Antiochian Orthodox Archdiocese
Bulgarian Orthodox Church
Carpatho-Russian Church
Georgian Patriarchate
Greek Orthodox Archdiocese
Moscow Patriarchate
Orthodox Church in America
Romanian Orthodox Archdiocese
Russian Orthodox Church outside of Russia
Serbian Orthodox Church
Ukrainian Orthodox Church

With this step complete, the Parish Directory, originally built for the now-defunct SCOBA, is ready to be moved to the website of the Assembly of Bishops and be maintained and updated by the Assembly's Committee for Canonical Affairs.