About Mental Health Ministries

Mission & History

The mission of the Assembly of Bishops' Mental Health Ministries is to identify and respond to the mental health needs of Orthodox Christian faithful in the United States

Responding to an appeal of Orthodox Christian mental health professionals in 2019, the Executive Committee mandated its Affiliate Professional Organization, Orthodox Christian Association of Medicine, Psychology and Religion (OCAMPR), to assist the Assembly of Bishops in identifying and responding to the mental health needs of Orthodox Christian faithful in the US. Through partnership with OCAMPR, the AoB Mental Health Task Force was established to address mental health needs of both Eastern and Oriental Orthodox Christian communities through the development of a Directory of Orthodox Christian Mental Health Professionals, Mental Health Resources, and Mental Health Needs Assessment.

Upon successful execution of their mandated tasks, the AoB Mental Health Task Force was dissolved and the Assembly of Bishops established its Mental Health Ministries in 2022. Many of those who were members of the AoB Mental Health Task Force now serve as ministry consultants and continue to contribute clinical mental health expertise, Orthodox Christian theological perspective, and professional insights to all programs and products of the Assembly of Bishops’ Mental Health Ministries, including design, content, and implementation strategy.


Bishop JOHN (AOCA)


Sangeetha Thomas, Director of Mental Health Ministries:  mentalhealth@assemblyofbishops.org


Rev. Sean A. Levine, MATS, MABS, MDiv, MS, DMin Candidate
Rev. John Schieffler, PhD, MSW, ThM
E. Lila Amirali, MD, MMGMT (IMHL), FRCPC, FAPA
Randa Anderson, PhD
Katherine Karam McCray, MDiv, ThM, PhD Candidate - Facilitator
Mena Mirhom, MD
Rebecca Pearsall, MSW
Niveen Soliman, PhD


The work of Mental Health Ministries is made possible with funding from The Archbishop Iakovos Leadership 100 Endowment Fund.