Frequently Asked Questions for Agencies and Ministries Affiliated with the Assembly of Bishops

Are all the Organizations assumed by the Assembly from SCOBA on May 28, 2010 automatically included in the new structure?

All assumed Organizations will need to submit updated documentation for review by the Committee. Any Organization that meets the new criteria will be automatically included in the new structure. Any assumed Organization that does not meet the new criteria will be afforded no more than twelve (12) months to fulfill the same. If an assumed Organization is unable to meet the new criteria, it will no longer be considered as officially affiliated with the Assembly.

If an organization’s application is rejected, can they apply again?

Organizations may reapply if their circumstances have changed regarding eligibility.

What are the benefits of being affiliated with the Assembly?

As the premier and official voice of Orthodox Christian Unity, the Assembly offers legitimacy to its official affiliates. Additionally, affiliates have a direct avenue to the bishops in the United States of America.

Is there a financial obligation to the Assembly to being an affiliated organization?

While the Assembly operates on the generous donations of individuals and organizations, there is no financial requirement from any of the Assembly’s affiliates.

Does the Assembly provide financial support to its affiliates?

With internal funding sources designated for operational expenses, the Assembly is precluded from directly providing financial support to its affiliates. However, the Assembly may be equipped to partner with affiliates on select initiatives.

How do official affiliates engage with the Assembly?

Organizations are encouraged to regularly engage with the Assembly – through its appointed liaison, its voluntary mentor bishop, the relevant Assembly committee, or the Assembly’s staff – in order to provide to the Assembly the insights and resources resulting from its work and to receive the benefit of episcopal advice.