Accountability for Agencies & Commissions, Affiliate Ministries & Associations

All agencies and ministries affiliated with the Assembly of Bishops are required to report formally on an annual basis. Reports should be received once per year by a date at least ninety (90) days before the annual meeting of the Assembly.  Reports should be submitted in complete form to Committee via an online platform[1] managed by the Assembly’s staff, and include the following:

  1. An annual report of its work that includes a statement of how its programs continue to relate to the criteria for association with the Assembly as well as the work of the Assembly
  2. Reviewed/ Audited Financial Statement for that period[2]
  3. If applicable, a copy of the organization’s Form 990 for that period[3]
  4. If applicable, updated organizational documents such as articles of incorporation, by-laws, etc.
  5. An affirmation that the organization is in compliance with all applicable governmental laws, regulations and best practices
  6. Proof of insurance for officers and directors as well as other insurances indicated by corporate best practices for that period
  7. A document outlining the organizations planned scope-of-work for the upcoming year

In addition to the abovementioned, Assembly Agencies are required to submit:

  1. Regular activities/ programmatic highlights for inclusion in the communications of the Assembly during the course of the year.
  2. An encyclical on the letterhead of the Agency, in both PDF and MS Word format, for the pertinent Sunday related to its cause no later than fourteen days (14) prior to said Sunday.

All submitted documents will be compiled and reviewed by the Committee on an annual basis. A summary report will be submitted by the Chairman of the Committee to the Annual meeting of the Assembly.


[1] Reports will only be accepted electronically.

[2] Assembly Agencies are required to submitted independently audited financial statements.

[3] Only pertains to Assembly Agencies.