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What mental health services are right for me?

Thank you for using the Directory of Orthodox Christian Mental Health Professionals!  After you have read through the service descriptions below, please keep in mind that entering a state/zip code is a required search field when you return to the Directory page.  You may also be interested in: Sample Questions for Your Potential Mental Health Provider.

For additional resources on faith and mental health, visit the Mental Health Ministries page.

The following services may be provided in-person or via telehealth (phone/video) depending on the individual provider and/or treatment setting:

Outpatient Counseling or Therapy

  • For those whose symptoms are stable enough to manage independently between weekly appointments  
  • You may also hear this referred to as talk therapy and it can be suitable for individuals, couples, families, or groups
  • Some specializations you may hear within this service type include:  EMDR, art therapy, play therapy, animal-assisted therapy
  • Counseling can refer to services that are focused on providing structure, skills, and advice to address life concerns and problems (e.g. stress management, career guidance, etc.)
  • Therapy or Psychotherapy can refer to services that are focused on exploring deep-rooted concerns within the person (e.g. personality, cognitions, underlying psychological patterns, family history, relational patterns, trauma, etc.)
  • Both counseling and psychotherapy may be provided by:  Counselors, Therapists, Social Workers, Psychologists, or Psychiatrists

Substance Use Treatment

  • For those seeking counseling and treatment in managing the problematic use of drugs/alcohol
  • You may also hear this referred to as addiction counseling or chemical dependency counseling
  • May be provided through individual or group counseling/therapy and may also incorporate medication-assisted treatment
  • May be provided in outpatient, residential, or inpatient treatment settings
  • May be provided by:  Substance Use Professionals and any other mental health professional with specialized training/credentialing in the treatment of Substance Use Disorder

Residential or Partial Hospitalization

  • For those seeking treatment in a setting outside the home for an extended period for the stabilization of more severe symptoms
  • This treatment setting typically includes a diverse treatment team of mental health providers/specialists who can provide multiple services (e.g. individual therapy, group therapy, medication management, psychoeducation, etc.)

Group Counseling or Therapy

  • For those seeking counseling/therapy in a group setting to experience a community of peer support as well as the guidance of a mental health professional
  • You may also hear this referred to as a support group or process group
  • May be offered for a specific demographic (e.g. young adults, men, women, etc.) and/or specific need (e.g. grief, parenting, substance use, suicide prevention, etc.)
  • May be provided by:  Counselors, Therapists, Social Workers, or Psychologists

Consultation or Supervision

  • For clergy or mental health providers seeking professional consultation in providing appropriate care to others
  • Supervision refers to a mental health professional who has advanced experience, training, and endorsement to provide clinical supervision to newer professionals who are practicing under a provisional license as required by their state licensing board


  • For those seeking a mental health professional who is available for public speaking engagements related to mental health

Psychiatry & Medication Management

  • For those seeking treatment of neurochemical imbalances related to mental health disorders through psychotropic medication
  • May be provided by:  Psychiatrists or Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners

Psychological Testing or Evaluation

  • For those seeking formal evaluation of psychological, neurocognitive, academic, or developmental functioning
  • Psychological Testing/Assessment may be utilized to address more complex academic, psychological, or developmental issues
  • Neuropsychological Evaluations/Screening may be utilized to address cognitive, memory, and other brain-related functioning
  • May be provided by:  Psychologists