Provider FAQ's

For Providers

For providers considering whether or not to submit an application:

Q:  Does it cost anything to be listed in the directory?
A:  No it does not.

Q:  How much time will it take to complete the application?
A:  About 10 minutes, and you can save a partially completed application and come back to it later.

Q:  Should I join the directory even if I don’t have any room in my schedule for new clients right now?
A:  Yes. This directory will be available long term, and you will likely have openings in the future. Also, if you are willing to point individuals who contact you to other Orthodox providers in the directory that would be helpful.

Q:  I don’t actively provide direct services to clients. Should I join the directory anyway?
A:  Yes. If you provide consultation, psychoeducation or supervision, we encourage you to join the directory. Also, if you are willing to be a referral source and connect individuals with providers, then you should join the directory.

Q:  I’m still a student in training, but will soon be licensed or credentialed, can I join the directory?
A:  You must have a license or credentials to verify in order to be considered for inclusion. Some states provide provisional licenses. If you have a license number, please apply.

Q:  I’m not a licensed mental health provider, but I’m a life coach/chaplain/spiritual guide, can I join the directory?
A:  No. At this time, the directory only lists licensed mental health professionals and credentialed substance abuse professionals.

Q:  What priest can I ask to verify my standing with the Church?
A:  Your parish priest is preferred, but you may also ask your Spiritual Father or Father Confessor.

Q:  If I'm clergy, who should verify my standing with the Church?
A:  Your hierarch or in the event that he isn't able, his chancellor. A brother priest cannot provide this information.

Q:  Am I expected to provide pro bono services if I join the directory?
A:  No. How you charge is to be determined between you and the client.

Q:  Is being included in this directory considered an endorsement by the Assembly of Bishops or Standing Conference of Oriental Orthodox Church Hierarchs?
A:  No it is not an endorsement of any kind, but rather a courtesy offering to connect people with Orthodox professionals.


Application Troubleshooting FAQs for providers who have already submitted an application:

Q:  Does my priest have to write a letter of recommendation for me?
A:  No. The verification process requires your priest to answer one simple question about whether or not you are a member in good standing with the Orthodox Church.

Q:  How do I make changes to my profile information?
A:  Please email “” with updated information.

Q:  How will the directory stay up to date?
A:  Each year, providers will receive an email reminding them to review their profile, send in any updates, and reattest that they are still in good standing with the Orthodox Church and that their license is still active with no limitations.