Ioana Popa, MD, BCC

Physician Psychiatrist

New Ipswich, NH

(617) 274-8336

Distance/Telehealth Services: Yes

Mental Health Services Provided
  • Consultation / Supervision
  • Psychoeducation
  • Group Consultations for Christian Mental Health Professionals, Clergy and Chaplains.
Ages/Demographics Served
  • Christian Mental Health Professionals, Clergy and Chaplains
Area(s) of Focus
  • Discerning Mental Health Diagnoses vs. Spiritual Passions
  • Understanding Mental Health Diagnoses and thinking through differential diagnosis for complex cases
  • Ongoing Consultations for cases
  • Developing skills towards discerning when to refer to (other) mental health providers or services
  • Understanding Continuity of Care needs for people with mental health disorders and how to create a database with resources to address that
  • How to stay grounded, present, and compassionate in difficult and challenging situations
  • How to work with groups, families, couples and children effectively
  • How to facilitate effectively Grief Healing in others
  • Healthy professional boundaries
  • Burnout Prevention
  • Thinking through human developmental phases, core human needs, group dynamics, healthy communication patterns, family systems, internal psychological functions, and their impact in both healthy Spiritual Growth & Mental Health
Licensed to Practice
  • MA
  • NH
Additional Certifications
  • IFS (Internal Family System) Certified Practitioner (levels 1, 2 & 3)
  • Advanced Certified Grief Recovery Specialist
  • National Board Certified Coach (BCC)
Integration of Faith My Orthodox Christian faith is the deep foundation of everything I do in life, including my vocation and work. Currently I am completing a Master in Theological Studies at Holy Cross School of Theology and this is bringing new layers of understanding and grounding in my both faith and professional work. I believe and experience daily that God works at the core of every human, therefore I bring all my skills and 35+ years of training and experience to facilitate others' inner healing and connection with 'the living waters'. My main focus at this point in my career is to offer Group Consultations for Clergy, Chaplains & Mental Health Professionals to assist and support them in their sacred healing work.
Primary Address New Ipswich, NH
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