Celebrating our Youth

Celebrating the Excellence of our Youth will provide opportunities to highlight how our youth, their families and our youth workers not only live their faith but have been uplifted by Christ’s Church and His ministries. We also hope to help our youth see their commonalities and how Camping and Youth Ministry has helped them grow in their lives of faith.

We will be gathering

  • Articles written by our youth about their individual camping experiences and how those experiences have helped deepen their faith:
  • Letter from parents on:
    • Raising children and the blessings/challenges of passing along the Faith to the coming generations.
    • Orthodox Camping Programs have meant to them and their children.
  • Testimonials Offered by Youth and Youth Workers about their love for God and His Church. The testimonials may reference our Camping Programs and/or other Youth and Youth Ministry activities/ministries
Information in participating in this project will be forthcoming.