Eli Mallouhi, MSW, LSW

Licensed Social Worker

Ridgefield, NJ

(201) 270-6368


Distance/Telehealth Services: Yes

Mental Health Services Provided
  • Outpatient Counseling / Therapy
  • Group Counseling / Therapy
Ages/Demographics Served
  • Adolescents
  • College Students / Young Adults
  • Adults
Licensed to Practice
  • NJ
Additional Certifications
  • ChAP Certificate (Promoting Children's health and well being)
Integration of Faith My Orthodox Faith is the most important aspect of my life and who I am. I don't think there is any part of my life and what I do, during my work or otherwise, that isn't directly influenced by my faith. During my clinical practice, the general tenets of Orthodox such as love, patience, selflessness, sacrifice etc., show themselves in the way that I treat those I work with.
Primary Address Ridgefield, NJ
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