Military Chaplaincy


The Committee for Military Chaplaincy is responsible i) for endorsing Orthodox chaplains for work with the Armed Services; and ii) for working towards a single, unified process of endorsement for military chaplains of all jurisdictions. The Assembly serves as the Endorsing Agent for the Albanian Orthodox Diocese of America, the Bulgarian Eastern Orthodox Diocese of the USA, Canada and Australia, the American Carpatho-Russian Orthodox Diocese of North America, the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America, the Romanian Orthodox Metropolia of the Americas, and the Serbian Orthodox Church in the USA.


Metropolitan Nicholas (GOA) - Chairman
Archbishop Daniel (UOC)

Committee Liaison

Fr. William Bartz - Facilitator, Appointed Council Chair (GOA), and Endorsing Agent of the Assembly of Bishops


Fr. Frank Miloro, Appointed Council Member (ACROD)
Dn. Andrew Rubis, Appointed Council Member (Albanian)
Fr. Bratso Krsic, Appointed Council Member (SoC)
Fr. Ionel Satnaoianu, Appointed Council Member (Romanian)
Fr. Antonie Poposki, Appointed Council Member (Bulgarian)

Terms of Reference

What is to be accomplished

  • Identify and catalogue all Orthodox Christian Chaplains in the Armed Services of the USA
  • Determine the procedure and the schedule by which the Assembly may assume SCOBA's Endorsing Agency status vis-à-vis the Department of Defense
  • Work towards a unified process of endorsement by the Assembly for all Orthodox Christian military chaplains of all jurisdictions, consistent not only with Department of Defense regulations, but also with Canonical Orthodox practice and the pastoral competencies necessary for the Chaplains to accomplish their mission
  • Recommend to and obtain from the Assembly the process for endorsement of Orthodox chaplains for work with the Armed Services; implement this process on an ongoing basis

How it is to be accomplished

  • Contact all Chancellors of the jurisdictions/presences and obtain information on Military Chaplains
  • Identify and contact relevant officials in the Department of Defense in order to ascertain proper procedures

With whom it is to be accomplished

  • Chancellors and all endorsing agents who have served in that capacity.
  • Current Military Chaplains, some of whom (retired or not) should be included as advisors to the Committee