Monastic Communities Committee 2012 Annual Report

Monday, February 04, 2013

Committee for Monastic Communities

Summary Report – 2012


Committee Members and Consultants

  • Members: Bishop George (Chairman), Metropolitan Gerasimos, Archbishop Kyrill, Archbishop Tikhon, and Bishop Longin
  • Consultants: Fr. Joseph Morris, Mother Gabriella, Mother Nektaria, Schemamonk Paul (Agioupavlites)
  • Secretariat Liaison: Hierodeacon Benedict (Armitage)


Objectives of the Committee

The Committee for Monastic Communities is to compile a database of all the monastic communities in the different jurisdictions in the region, including such data as historical references (e.g. founder, date, etc.), size of brotherhood, details on property and facilities, etc.; to identify the proper ecclesiastical authority for each monastery (i.e. ruling bishop); to collect and catalogue the monastic constitutions and related documents used within the various jurisdictions; to create a matrix that places each monastery within the three traditional forms of monasticism (eremitic, coenobitic or idiorhythmic); and lastly, to identify outliers, if any, that do not conform to any established monastic tradition.


Activities and Status of Work

  • The Committee has met twice since its formation, and plans to meet again at the Assembly meeting in September.
  • The Committee has created and distributed the survey to the 71 monastic communities in the Assembly directory through their diocesan bishops. This survey requests from each monastic community the information necessary to create the database which this committee has been charged with creating. 
  • As of this report, only 43 communities have responded to the survey, some by completing the questionnaire, others by ignoring the questionnaire and responding by letter instead. The committee is awaiting responses from the remaining communities to begin constructing the database.


Motion for Action

The Committee asks that the Assembly strongly urge the remaining communities to complete the survey, preferably returning the forms in an electronic format (that is, by email), and encourage the member bishops to request participation from those communities that are under their jurisdiction.


In Christ,

Bishop George, Chairman

Committee for Monastic Communities