Committee for Monastic Communities 2013 Report


Summary Report for Assembly IV -- September 2012-August 2013

Committee Members: Bishop George (Chairman), Metropolitan Gerasimos, Archbishop Kyrill, Bishop Longin, and Metropolitan Tikhon

Consultants: Fr. Joseph Morris, Mother Gabriella, Mother Nektaria, Schemamonk Paul (Agioupavlites)

Secretariat Liaison: Hierodeacon Benedict (Armitage)

Objectives of the Committee:  The Committee for Monastic Communities is to compile a database to include all the monastic communities of all the different jurisdictions in the region, including pertinent information such as name, location, and proper ecclesiastical authority for each monastery; to collect and catalogue the monastic constitutions and related documents used within the various jurisdictions; to create a matrix that places each monastery within the three traditional forms of monasticism (eremitic, coenobitic or idiorhythmic); and lastly, to identify outliers, if any, that do not conform to any established monastic tradition

Activities and Status of Work to Date:

  • Several meetings of the committee have been held, both face-to-face and by telephone.
  • The Committee created an initial database with two categories – Male Monastic Communities and Female Monastic Communities. This database is available online, and has continued to be updated as needed.
  • The Committee also created an initial survey that was sent out to all the monastic communities, either directly or through their diocesan bishops. This survey requested from each monastic community the most basic information. A majority of communities responded to the survey.
  • A second survey has been prepared by Alexei Krindatch, the Research Coordinator for the Assembly, and is in the process of being sent out. It is rather more comprehensive than the first, and will help the committee complete those tasks assigned to it. Once an adequate number of responses have been received, a report will be created, presenting the information gathered.

Plans for Further Work:

  • Meet as needed.
  • Present report on monastic communities, when completed, to the Assembly.
  • Continue to update the Monastic Community Database.
  • Perhaps facilitate future meetings of monastics from the various Orthodox churches in the region.